Thursday, July 25, 2013

Introducing Kansas City Life Group Benefits

By Dominic Siciliano

Last summer about this time I came to Lena telling her we were adding a new carrier.  “Shouldn’t be too much extra work,” I told her.  I have to admit I was kind of wrong when I told her that.  Really though, how could I have known how hot their rates were going to be and how easy they were going to be to work with?

Indeed, if you’re new to Benefit Profiles Inc or if you’ve been quoting with us this entire year, I think you’ll agree once you get to know Kansas City Life as we have, that they are worth being busy with.  Why?  Below are some compelling reasons:

1. Competitive dental rates and flexible plan designs—KCL can accommodate just about every plan design wrinkle you’d need.  In addition, KCL offers rolling annual maximums (think Always Care and Guardian) as well as the ability to give credit for $100 lifetime deductibles.

2. Excellent service—KCL is a boutique, plain and simple.  Your groups are assigned to one representative who handles its inquiries from service to billing.  In addition, BPI has great resources to solve problems quickly.

3. An attainable producer bonus program—see the attached brochure here!

4. Flexible LTD contract design—Add or remove prudent person language, soft tissue considerations; maximum income replacements to $15K; add or remove maximum capacity; and/or definition of disability.

5. Compelling Voluntary Life, STD and LTD through the Abacus series. Learn more here!—Will write 1099 employees!

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