Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Those Pesky Kids and Their Mandated Dental Plans. .

Those Pesky Kids and Their Mandated Dental Plans. . .

Well, it’s been about five months since BPI embarked on a fact finding mission to figure out the pediatric dental benefit and how it relates to our dental plans and small group clients here in Michigan.  I’m proud to say we’ve really been able to offer great solutions to our agents in the small market to satisfy this requirement.   
To give you an update, our wheelhouse carriers to satisfy this requirement so far have been Delta Dental, MetLife and the MMA. 

We have used Delta to offer child only dental benefits down to as low as a group of one.  Seems like a lot of administration to cover one kid?  I was worried about this ,too, but Lena and Bobbie have found the process quite easy to complete with Delta.  We’re also finding Delta is a great takeover benefit for current dental plans who are not currently compliant.  Delta’s rates are very competitive in the small market and their plan designs are flexible so it’s an easy fix.  You can typically leave the life, disability and vision with the current carrier and address the bigger issues of the medical renewal without too much interruption on ancillary. 

MetLife and MMA have been great options as well to replace non-compliant carriers.  Their rates are competitive and they offer the convenience to replace a full ancillary suite with their robust offerings of life, disability and VSP.  We’re seeing success with Met, especially with the dental HMO or MAC plans ,as the rates are very attractive and the Met PPO is so strong in our regions.  Don’t believe me on that?  Access their network here. 

With both Met and Delta, we have the ability to quote the plans in our office and we can turn them around quickly.  Need something in a pinch, contact BobbiePhone is best if you need a rush.

As for your business with Companion Life and Kansas City Life, they are still not certified to sell the pediatric benefit.  However, they both have assured me they have begun the process to be certified for 2015.  So if you’re nervous about your renewals the middle and end of this year, know these carriers will be fully compliant by January 1. 

As the year goes on, we'll continue to update you on our progress with these benefits and to make it fairly painless for you and your small groups to comply.  

Still playing catch up with this portion of the essential benefits and what it means?  Please reference our previous blogs on the topic. 

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