Monday, May 13, 2013

Lifetime Deductible Takeovers and Credit for Dental Max Rollovers

By Dominic Siciliano

It is common for agencies in the Michigan market to feature both lifetime deductibles and increasing dental maximums.  Companion Life and AlwaysCare were big drivers of the lifetime deductibles while Guardian and AlwaysCare featured the dental max rollover accounts.  

But as you know, dental premiums do increase and it is always possible to find a cheaper carrier.  It is tougher though to find a carrier who will give credit for lifetime deductibles and rollover maximums.  Kansas City Life Group Benefits will do just that.  

I know what you’re thinking—Kansas City Who? Kansas City Life is our newest dental partner.  They are A rated, very service oriented and relationship driven.  They have a solid dental network and they pay at the 90th percentile out of network.  They are very flexible with their plan designs and they are interested in takeover business.  

For more information on KCL, click here

If you quote with BPI, we will furnish you with quotes for Companion, MetLife, MMA and Kansas City Life.  If you have a Companion case you are taking to the market, we’d love to see what our other carriers can do to retain that business with BPI.  In addition, we can always ask Companion for experience and to review the increase for possible relief.

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