Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Term to 100 Life Insurance from AllState: The affordable whole life hybrid

Studies have shown that more Americans purchase life insurance through their employers than they do as individuals as has traditionally been the case for generations.  This has placed a much bigger onus on employers and agents to answer this demand with the very best in voluntary life contracts and carriers.  
What are the very best voluntary life benefits you sell?  The answer is easy, they must include:
1.  The ability to port or convert the life insurance if/when employment terminates (for whatever reason)
2.  Limited benefit reductions as a member ages
3.  Generous guarantee issue amounts
4.  The ability to buy up each year at open enrollment
5.  A competitive price
 I find there are times the very best of our voluntary life contracts become an issue.    Employees don't always understand the benefit they thought they had purchased has reduced 35% to 50% just as it has increased significantly in premium.  
This Term to 100 product offers employees the chance to purchase true long term protection they can rely on well into retirement.  
To learn more, checkout the flyer here.  

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